What is Smalltalk

Paradigm Object-oriented
Designed by Alan KayDan IngallsAdele Goldberg
Developer Alan KayDan IngallsAdele Goldberg, Ted Kaehler, Diana Merry, Scott Wallace, Peter Deutsch and Xerox PARC
First appeared 1972; 46 years ago(development began in 1969)
Stable release
Smalltalk-80 version 2 / 1980; 38 years ago
Typing discipline Strongdynamic
OS Cross-platform (multi-platform)
Major implementations
AmberDolphin SmalltalkGemStone/SGNU SmalltalkPharo, Smalltalk/X, SqueakVA SmalltalkVisualWorks
Influenced by
Lisp,[1] Simula,[1] Euler,[1] IMP,[1] Planner,[1]Logo,[2] Sketchpad,[1] ARPAnet,[1] Burroughs B5000,[1] cell (biology)[1]
AppleScriptCommon Lisp Object SystemDartDylanErlangEtoysFalconGoGroovyIoIokeJavaLasso, Lisaac, LogtalkNewspeakNewtonScriptObject REXXObjective-CPHP 5, Perl 6PythonRubyScalaScratchSelf

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