Hockey Slang

Hockey has it’s own language and it is always changing.

Chirp (or chat) with this list

apple:             an assist

band aid:         a player that is always injured

bar down:        a shot that hits the crossbar and falls down inside the goal line

barn:              rink or arena

barn burner:     a game that is fast, high scoring and exciting to watch

bender:           a player who is horrible at hockeytheir ankles bend in while skating

biscuit:            the puck

bread basket:    the goalies’ chest

breezers:          hockey pants

bucket:            helmet

celly:               goal celebration

chirp:               trash talk

chippy:             game is starting to get dirty or physical

clapper:           slapshot

coast-to-coast:   a player skates puck from defensive zone to offensive zone

dangle:            expert stick handling, embarrassing opponents

deke:               fake out move

deuce:             2 minute penalty

dime:               10 minute penalty

duster:             a very bad player, doesn’t play until score doesn’t matter

fishbowl:           the plastic shield on the helmet (instead of a cage)

five hole:           between the goalies’ legs

gino:                a goal

gongshow:         a game with a lot of penalties and/or a lot of goals

grinder:             a player with no skill but works hard and gets team respect

grocery stick:      a player sitting the whole game between defense and forwards

hatty:                a hat trick

light the lamp:    scored a goal so the light flashes

liney:                a fellow linesman

mitts:                another word for hands/gloves (i.e. filthy mitts, silky mitts)

muffin:              weak shot on net

one-timer:          a hard shot right off the pass with no pause to receive it

pepper grinder:   a player that always sucks up to the coach

pigeon:              a player that picks up garbage goals at the net, can’t play alone

pylon:                defense that stands like a cone and is skated around

riding the pine:    sitting the bench

sauce:               a pass or shot that gets some air to get exactly where it was meant

savage:              a ridiculously good player that makes other look mediocre

sin bin:               the penalty box

snipe:                a powerful and perfectly placed shot

stripes:               the referees

tic-tac-toe:          three tape to tape passes finishing with a goal

top shelf:            a shot that goes into the top part of the net

twig:                 a hockey stick

tripod:               a player that uses the stick to stay balanced

wrister:              a wrist shot

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